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Upcoming events

AREA 11 SPRING ASSEMBLY — NEW DATE! Sunday, June 24. Info here.

CSCYPAA XXXIII – Thanksgiving weekend 2018 (23-25 November) – at the Cromwell Radisson. Info & register here.

Descriptions of Area 11 Events are in our News and Events section. District events are listed in our District pages. Visit our Calendar page to find service committee meetings.

More about Alcoholism

Learn about A.A., starting with a Fact Sheet with A.A.’s Preamble and a summary of What A.A. Does and Does NOT Do and learn where to get more information. If you are wondering if A.A. can help you, visit our page, Is A.A. for You? Read A.A.’s 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts for World Service. We also provide information for Friends and Family and for Professionals who work with alcoholics.There are additional resources on the websites of A.A. World Services and the A.A. Grapevine.

Speak with a recovering alcoholic

Find the phone number for an Answering Service in a Connecticut city or town near you. A recovering member of Alcoholics Anonymous will be glad to speak with you, or just call 1-866-STEPS12 (1-866-783-7712).

Area 11 has a Spanish language answering service at 1-855-ESPANCT (1-855-377-2628).  Area 11 tiene ahora una lengua española en el servicio de contestador 1-855-ESPANCT (1-855-377-2628).