Delegate Survey 2018

Delegate’s Questionnaire, 68th General Service Conference, 2018

The 68th General Service Conference will be held April 22-28, 2018, and it truly is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Delegate at the Conference. That means I need help from your Group in order for me to be better informed about what you are thinking about agenda items that will shape the future of our Fellowship. The greater the participation, the better I will be able to serve you and able to carry the collective conscience of all Groups throughout Area 11.

The Pre-Conference Assembly at the VFW in New Britain on April 8th is the chance to share your Group’s conscience on some agenda items that will be discussed at the 68th General Service Conference. Please  complete this form, so that I will have a sense of Area 11’s position. (Download Spanish version and email to You don’t have to answer all the questions if your Group has no opinion on an item.

Download and complete a pdf of the Delegate’s Questionnare 2018.

Completed questionnaires must be received by April 8, 2018.


Consider request to create a pamphlet for inmates who are to be released after long term incarceration.

Background - Is there a need to create a pamphlet that addresses specific issues related to members who have attended meetings while incarcerated long-term who are being released from prison to the community and sober living?

Create a pamphlet for inmates?


Consider developing a method to standardize increases to the limits on individual contributions and bequests to the General Service Board.

Background - Do you agree that the Finance Committee needs to develop a method to standardize the increases to the limits on individual contributions and bequests, which are currently set at $3000 for individuals, and $5000 for bequests?

Consider developing a method to standardize limits increases?


Item 1 - Consider request to change the subtitle of the pamphlet G.S.R. General Service Representative: May Be the Most Important Job in A.A.

Background – Would changing the name to G.S.R. General Service Representative: the link between your group and AA as a whole or something similar, better define what the role of a GSR is and possibly encourage more participation as a GSR?

Consider changing the subtitle of the pamphlet?

Item 2 - Consider request for the development of a new book combining Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions with Twelve Concepts for World Service.

Background - Do you think an additional book combining the 12 Concept Essays from the back of the current A.A. Service Manual would encourage more members to explore Recovery, Unity, and Service in one volume, and to ultimately participate in General Service?

Develop a new book to include the Twelve Concepts?

Item 3 - Consider a request for the development of a pamphlet for atheist and agnostic members.

Background – There is concern that the current pamphlet Many Paths to Spirituality doesn’t address the needs of AA members who identify as atheist, agnostic, or freethinker. Would you support revision or replacement of the current pamphlet with something more relevant?

Develop a pamphlet for Atheist and/or Agnostic members?
Item 4 - Consider request for the development of a new pamphlet for Spanish-speaking women alcoholics.

Background – The Spanish-speaking female alcoholic has been identified as an under-represented group in our fellowship. Do you support a new Spanish language pamphlet that addresses issues, cultural or otherwise, not covered by the pamphlet AA for the Woman?

Develop new pamphlet for Spanish-speaking Women?


Item 1 - Review report on the process, implementation and status on the site selection of the General Service Conference.

Background – The cost of holding the General Service Conference in New York City has continued to rise in recent years. Would you be in favor of the General Service Conference meeting in other cities that may be more cost effective for its annual meeting?

Review report of the site selection of the General Service Conference?

Item 2 - Review draft process for polling the General Service Conference between annual Conference meetings.

Background - There is currently no guideline in place to allow polling of the General Conference members if there was a great emergency, an action involving a matter of principle or basic policy (such as the recent litigation about the original manuscript), or to aid the General Service Board or its related services. Would you support developing a process for polling the General Service Conference between annual meetings?

Review draft process for polling the General Service Conference?


Item 1 - Review proposal to censure the General Service Board.

Background – Should the Conference censure the General Service Board, as explained in essays on Concept 3 and Concept 10 in the A.A. Service Manual, as a result of the litigation undertaken by AAWS to reclaim the Printer’s Copy of the original manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Censure General Service Board?

Item 2 - Review proposal to reorganize the A.A. World Services and General Service Boards.

Background – Should the Conference request the resignations of the Board of Directors and initiate corporate reorganization (as outlined in the Conference Charter) as a response to the legal action undertaken by AAWS in an attempt to reclaim the original Printer’s Copy of the manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Reorganize the A.A. World Services and General Service Boards?

Thank you for allowing me to serve your Group in Area 11 and AA as a whole! –Peggy

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