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Service opportunities in District 5

District 5 has the following open district service positions as of September 19, 2017:
Details for each position can be found in the District 5 Service Guidelines
District Committee Member (DCM) District 5 Sub-district 1
Alternate-DCM District 5 Sub-district 1
DCM District 5 Sub-district 2
Alt-DCM District 5 Sub-district 2
DCM District 5 Sub-district 3
DCM District 5 Sub-district 3
Alt-DCM District 5 Sub-district 3
Alki-Line Chairperson D-5
Alki-Line Co-Chairperson D-5
Answering Service Co-Chairperson D-5
Area 11 Convention Representative D-5
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Chairperson D-5
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Co-Chairperson D-5
Grapevine Chairperson D-5
Grapevine Co-Chairperson D-5
Public Information (PI) Co-Chairperson D-5
Rompiendo Fronteras/Breaking Frontiers Representative D-5
Round-Up Chairperson D-5
Round-Up Co-Chairperson D-5
Schedules Co-Chairperson D-5
Soberfest Representative D-5 (kickoff meeting in November 2017, event in June 2018)
Special Needs/Languages/Remote Communities (SNLRC) Co-Chairperson D-5
Treatment Co-Chairperson D-5
Website Co-Chairperson D-5
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We post District and registered Group Events.
Please email information to events@ct-aa.org or speak to your district website rep.
Please be sure your flier or information adheres to our guidelines.

District 5 Monthly Service Meeting

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every Month
7:30 p.m.
Jesse Lee Methodist Church
25 Flat Rock Road, Easton
District 5 Service Guidelines