Area 11 Convention

2018 CONVENTION GUIDELINES, June 15th Deadline

CONVENTIONS SAVE LIVES:  From the Big Book, pg 335, “…on the day I took a 30-day chip, a friend took me to an AA get-together. I was in absolute awe of the power of 2000 plus sober alcoholics holding hands, saying the final prayer together, and I wanted to stay sober more than I wanted life itself.”

HOME GROUPS SAVE LIVES:  And although anyone who’s been around for awhile knows this, we’ve never before combined the vital importance of Home Group with The Power of the State Convention in a way that was effective for newcomers to easily grasp. Until Now.

PLEASE  ELECT 2 NEW SERVICE POSITIONS:  Group Convention Rep (GCR) and Alternate GCR.  Have them forward their names and email addresses to our Registration Co-Chair, Matt B. at, so we can exchange and proliferate the great ideas you will all discover to make this fun and successful.  We recommend them to be 2 year commitments with 2 years sobriety.

WHAT GCR’S WILL DO:  Each year, wrangle 3 things, all before the June 15th deadline:

  1. A minimum pre-registration of at least 7 people. It is permissible for your group to buy any number of scholarships as all or part of your total, and then attach names of group members (who would otherwise not afford to attend) before the convention by emailing our Registration Co-Chair (see above). Feel free to make photocopies of the yellow Home Group Pre-Reg forms if you run out and/or wish to help other home groups get involved.
  2. Find a talented member of your group to make a 2’ X 3’ convention sign, printed the same on both sides, with your home groups name, town, day and time, and anything else you think is cool. Please email a photo of it to Joe G. at, and bring it to the convention Friday night for a sign parade, similar to the International Convention flag ceremony.
  3. Ask another talented member to write a short essay about how important their home group has been to them. A selection of these will be published in the Alkiline each month. Please email these to me, Vincent R. at

THREE CONTEST WINNERS (all to be listed in the convention program):

  1. The group with the most paid pre-registrations.
  2. The group having the best convention sign, as judged by the Convention Planning Committee.
  3. The group having the best essay, also as judged by the Convention Planning Committee.

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE CONVENTION:  We will notify all 3 contest winners shortly after June 15th and each of those groups will choose a member to speak to the convention about your home group, keeping the newcomer in mind, for approx 5 minutes each, right after the sign parade and just before the keynote speaker.  Pretty cool!

Questions? Please call Vincent R. at 860-983-5676

2018 Area 11 Convention

Details coming soon so stay tuned!

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